Battle mode
First configure the battle team
I. normal mode
You can click on 3 round monster nests to fight
2 Map mode
The map mode can be enabled when the average wallet is 10000 Mtgo in 8 hours
2.The battle can be triggered within 30 meters from the monster. You can choose whether to confirm to start the battle in the game settings
3.If the battle fails, it will not be triggered within 1 hour.
The profit of map mode is about twice that of normal mode
4 Visual field mode
  • A certain amount of mtgo in the player's wallet will activate the field of view. Monsters in the field of view can directly click to fight
  • The calculation mode of field of view : the average number of mtgo held by wallet in 8 hours
  • The basic mtgo is 10000
  • a mtgo >= 10000 will have a field of view with a radius of 300 meters
  • b mtgo >= 20000 will have a field of view with a radius of 400 meters
  • c mtgo >= 40000 will have a field of view with a radius of 500 meters
Other relevant information
1.Deduct one point energy per battle . Automatically add one point energy every hour
2.You can buy up to 10 points of energy per day
3.Refresh monsters and energy every day UTC 10:00
4.Monsters that die in battle do not gain experience
5 If the battle exceeds 30 rounds, it will be a draw
6 The higher the level of the wild monster, the more mtgo it gets, and the greater the probability of getting egg
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