Test Manual
Step 1: get the test iotx
Receive test iotx for gas fee: https://faucet.iotex.io/

Step 2: Mobile system recommendation

Download Link https://iopay.me
2 Metamask
Add iotex testnet network
Chain ID: 4690
Symbol: IOTX
Step 3: Enter the game test link In wallet browser : https://www.iotexmonstergo.com/testgame/index.html?v=2004
a. Select "OK" in the pop-up window for device to obtain geographic information
b. Click the play button and allow the signature to enter the game
c. Each address will receive 5000 mtgo and 10 monster eggs for testing
d. 5000 mtgo and 10 monster eggs are now in your account. You need to extract to your wallet before you can hatch
--Mainnet environment needs one day to pass the audit
e. You need to approve mtgo before hatching monsters
f. Next, configure the battle monster

Let's start fighting now go go go!

There are two battle modes: normal mode and map mode
  1. 1.
    In normal mode, select Monster Battle directly on the home page
  2. 2.
    The map mode requires the device GPS (the official environment map mode requires 8 hours for the average number of mtgo in the wallet to be greater than 10000 before it can be started)
Map mode view
Note: a certain amount of mtgo in the player's wallet will activate the battle in the field of vision. Monsters in the field of vision can directly click to fight. The base of mtgo is 100 (the base of the official game is 10000):
A mtgo > 100 will have a field of vision with a radius of 300 meters
B mtgo > 200 will have a field of vision with a radius of 400meters
C mtgo > 400 will have a field of vision with a radius of 500 meters

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